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New School Year Conversations - Is that Mine, or Yours?

As the school year looms and gets underway, I am having many conversations with friends and clients about how their children are feeling in anticipation of the new year. There are many different contexts involved in these conversations –...

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Anxiety Sucks Part 2: Changing the power of our thoughts.

In my last blog post about anxiety, I talked about changing our relationship to our thoughts and feelings, so that they have less power over us and our behavior. In this second part of the series on anxiety, I will share a brief set of questions to...

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Anxiety Sucks - Now What? Part 1

  “I just want to feel better.” “How do I get rid of my anxiety?” – this is what I hear so often from parents and young adults.    The constant worry about what's next, the frenzied feeling of trying...

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